Plantar fasciitis, Lenoirs thorn, patello-femoral syndrome, Morton’s Neuroma, lower back pain. Are any of these words familiar to you? If so, we might have a solution for you.

Foot or knee pain often originates from a biomechanical imbalance. It’s important to consult one of our orthotists and schedule a biomechanical exam if you suffer from foot, knee or back pain. The exam will allow us to identify any imbalance and correct it with a foot orthosis.

The EVO Lab orthotists design and make foot orthosis adapted to your unique morphology and lifestyle. The European technology and materials used in your foot orthosis have demonstrated superior performance and durability over several years.

The success of a foot orthosis relies mostly on the quality of the biomechanical exam and analysis performed by your orthotist. During your first appointment together, multiple parameters will be evaluated in order to identify imbalances that might affect you.  Your orthotist will analyse your posture in order to identify asymmetry issues. They will then measure the range of joint motion in your lower body, allowing them to detect contractures and stiffness of certain muscles and tendons. The last part of the exam will be a dynamic analysis that consists of walking on a treadmill. The orthotist will then be able to evaluate the gate and detect any unusual movement.