EVO lab is the newest orthopaedic clinic in the Estrie area. Officially founded in 2013, it is the result of a merger between two well known orthopaedic clinics in greater Sherbrooke: Trimétrix Laboratory and Othésium clinic. EVO lab’s team is strictly composed of orthopaedic graduates, and is considered to be the largest private orthopaedic team in the Sherbrooke region. Specialists from the CHUS and Sherbrooke Hôtel-Dieu’s hospital have trusted us with their orthopaedic expertise and product needs for many years.

We sell a wide range of orthopaedic products and solutions adapted to both a patient’s situation and lifestyle. We successfully treat a large variety of injuries with diligence and professionalism, from post-cast fractures to post-operation fractures. In addition, we take care to follow up with each one of our patients to ensure successful treatment.

Over the years, we have developed a specialized practise to treat knee osteoarthritis, while our products adapt perfectly to the patient’s body, condition and environment.

We are recognized by all supportive organizations in Quebec: RAMQ CSST, SAAQ, Anciens Combattants as well as private insurances.