During your appointment for the delivery of the new orthotics, we proceeded with the fitting to ensure your comfort. In most cases, wearing new orthotics requires a period of adjustment. In fact, some discomfort could be experienced.
In order to alleviate the discomforts, we recommend the following:

First day: Begin to wear the orthotics two at three hours.
Following days: Add 1 hour per day until you can wear them for an entire day.

Additionally, it is normal to feel new muscle tension. Usually, you will need an adaptation period of 2 to 4 weeks. If your discomfort persists after this period, please contact us for a follow-up appointment. You are entitled to free adjustments of your orthotics for a period of 6 weeks


Before inserting the orthotics into the shoes, be sure to remove the insoles to create enough space and a stable base to accommodate your orthotics.
Please ensure that the front of the orthotic is not folded back on itself and that the heel is well
positioned in the shoes.
Purchasing larger shoes is not necessary, however it is important to have a deeper shoe that has a removable sole. You can also request assistance from a store clerk as several widths are available


Do not immerse the orthotics in water. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.
If you perspire, it is best to remove the orthotics from your shoes at night, to ensure that they dry
Avoid all sources of heat! (Heater, do not leave them in the car in the summer, ... etc.)

Life Duration

The life duration of orthotics varies for each patient, considering that it can be influenced by weight, activities, work, etc. It is important to follow up with your orthotist every year to evaluate the condition of your orthotics and feet. Moreover, you can confirm with your insurance company the frequency for replacement. It may be possible to purchase a second pair to avoid having to change your shoes. For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to answer you.

Additional Information

At EVO Laboratory, we offer a specialized service to determine what type of orthotics would be best for your daily activities as well as for your sporting

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