Wrist or

EXOS orthotics

Recommendations for using the wrist exos brace with/without the molded thumb to ensure optimal recovery from your fracture:    INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS

foot orthotics

Plantar orthotics

Recommendations for adapting well to plantar orthotics and how to maintain them to lengthen their lifespan and benefit longer from its treatment, among others, of plantar fasciitis:  INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS

Orange knee orthosis

Knee orthesis

Read our recommendations for the use and care of the knee brace in order to perfectly treat the anterior cruciate ligament tear or any other knee injury: INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS



Vista neck brace

Cervical collars

Directions on how to correctly install and maintain the cervical collar to ensure a safe recovery:   INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS

Jewitt Corset

Directions on how to install and maintain a Jewitt corset so that you can enjoy its benefits throughout the treatment:  INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS

Man with arm splint

Sarmiento humeral

Learn more about the Samiento humeral brace and how to ensure proper use: INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS