Jewitt CorsetRecommendations

The Jewitt corset must be installed with care on the patient.
It is essential to follow the instructions given by the orthotist to ensure its effectiveness. This corset reduces the compression between the vertebrae of the spine to reduce pain and promote healing. It is often used during a fracture thoracic vertebrae.


  1. Always wear a tight sweater under the corset
  2. Make sure the loop is open and that the fastener on the other side is detached from the rigid frame.
  3. Lying on the side, rolling onto your back by placing the cushion dorsal in the middle of the back. Place the rigid frame on your torso. With the help of the thumb strap, attach the loop on the rigid frame
  4. Close the tension loop on the other side, making sure to hear the clicking sound.


The rigid frame can be cleaned with a mild soap and hot water. You can also clean it with a mixture of water and alcohol.
The cushions can be removed and cleaned with a mild soap and warm water. It can than be flat-dried.

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