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The Sarmiento humerus brace is used for fractures. It is used to create a compression that stabilizes the bone and aids in the healing process. This type of brace requires regular follow-up appointments as it can cause discomfort and /or skin complications.

In order to ensure that the arm heals adequately and to avoid any discomfort, it is essential to book weekly follow-up appointments with the orthosis. Please contact EVO Orthopédie Technique at your earliest convenience to book an appointment. The orthosis will proceed with required adjustments and will ensure proper hygiene of the arm. Furthermore, we will ensure that the device is well positioned in order to continuously offer the required compression.

It is prohibited for the patient and /or non-authorised staff to remove and/or modify the brace. This is the responsibility of
the orthosis and/or physician.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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