When your legs need support.

Are you legs heavy and tired? Do they have varicose veins? Do you have cramps and difficulty recovering after a workout? If so, we have the compression stocking you need.

How does compression work?

The primary function of low compression is to promote the return of blood to the heart by compressing the veins of the legs. It is important that the compression is "degressive", meaning it has to be stronger at the far end of the limb and decrease in strength approaching the trunk. Compression is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg).The lighter stockings have a compression of 15-20 mmHg.The medical compression stockings have a compression of 20-30 mmHg or more. It is therfore important to consult a orthotist to be well advised.

Comfortable and aesthetic

Compression sockings have changed a lot in recent years. Whether for a chic stocking or for a more comfortable low, our qualified orthotists are able to find a stocking perfectly suited to your condition and your lifestyle. Innovative knitting technologies such as microfiber or copper fiber have emerged, and today allow you to offer discreet and comfortable stockings.

An advantage for athletes

Previously associated with the medical field, low compression is now very common in the sport community. Compression sockings offer several beneficial effects by decreasing the accumulation of lactic acid and decreasing muscle cramps. Used in a precocious way, a compressive therapy allows the athlete to increase his training volume while decreasing his wound risk.

The diagnosis

The stockings can be used in different contexts. Technological advances now allow us to deal with a multitude of issues. Compressive therapy is an easy treatment to follow and the results are sometimes surprising.

Diagnostic Pathways

Venous insufficiency (varicose veins)

Muscle cramps


Increased recovery



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