Therapeutic Neck Orthosis

A quick and effective collar

The cervical collar is an orthosis used for the neck to significantly reduce its movements and the head's weight.

A collar that meets your comfort needs

It is a comfortable orthosis that allows the skin to breathe. The chin height can vary and ensure a personalized fit. It promotes chewing while providing adequate support.

For optimal follow-up

The cervical collar is often installed in a hospital setting. After leaving the hospital and gradually resuming activities, the patient may need adjustments to promote comfort. It is also possible to purchase new padding to improve the maintenance of your collar.



The cervical collar is used to immobilize the cervical spine partially. The orthosis, worn around the neck, limits the head’s rotation, extension, and flexion movements while relieving the cervical spine.

For which diagnosis(es)?

Fracture of a cervical vertebra

Cervical vertebra fusion

Cervical vertebra lesion

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