Back and spinal orthosis

Post-fracture support brace

The Jewitt brace helps reduce compression between the spinal column's vertebrae to reduce pain and promote healing following a thoracolumbar fracture or surgery. It is a durable and high-quality brace that will meet your needs.

Lightweight and effective brace

The Jewitt brace provides spinal stabilization while being lightweight and breathable. It is a metal structure that is rigid and much less encompassing than plastic-moulded braces. It is worn over a thin shirt and hides well under a thicker shirt. Its numerous components make it easily adjusted for various body types.

For optimal follow-up

The Jewitt brace is often installed in a hospital setting. Following discharge from the hospital and gradual resumption of activities, the patient may need adjustments to promote comfort. By making an appointment at our clinics, the orthotist can adjust the brace to adapt it to the patient's morphology throughout the treatment.


Our orthoses


This brace helps reduce compression between the thoracic or lumbar spine vertebrae to reduce pain and promote healing. It limits trunk flexion, extension, and rotation movements. It also prevents lateral flexions of the trunk.

For which diagnosis(es)?

Lumbar vertebra fracture

Thoracic vertebra fracture

Lumbar fusion

Thoracic fusion

Lumbar or thoracic injury

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