The perfect light therapy to treat your blues!

Gloomy mood, anxiety, irritability, appetite and sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy … If you are familiar with these symptoms, you may be experiencing a winter blues.

Do you know the benefits of light therapy?

As fall sets in in Quebec, many of us are inconvenienced by the lack of light, here is some information to improve the situation. The sun and its light don't just give us a pretty complexion. They work right down to our brains. Indeed, light allows us to better regulate our internal clock in addition to infusing a number of benefits to our body and our head. In autumn and winter, many people suffer from a lack of light and experience different effects. Shorter days, lower light intensity, and darker days hurt morale and increase fatigue. If you know you are sensitive to variations in light, opt for light therapy sessions every day.

Light therapy, how does it work?

Exposing yourself daily, for about 30 minutes, to the light of a light therapy lamp would be enough to feel the benefits. No need to stand still next to the lamp! Just set it up next to you while you work or read and presto! You reap the benefits!

Many people can suffer from a lack of light and are sometimes unaware that these symptoms include:

  • Feeling sad or irritable during fall or winter
  • Fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty getting up in the morning
  • Problems completing tasks (lack of motivation)
  • A declining social life (and often a lower libido)
  • Excessive consumption of fatty foods and weight gain

Experts estimate that about one (1) in 20 people are affected by the severe form of seasonal depression in the northern hemisphere and that up to 11 of them may be affected by the winter blues, less intense. Likewise, recent findings show that light therapy can also help relieve certain non-seasonal depressions, jet lag and the consequences of shiftwork.

Benefits of light therapy

  1. Reactivate good mood hormones. Light therapy positively influences the production of serotonin, also called the hormones of happiness!
  2. Promote more restful sleep. Thanks to better regulation of melatonin - the hormone responsible for sleep - light therapy will have effects even in your bed!
  3. Restore biological cycles. Our body is regulated by various cycles and everything must be well balanced (production of hormones for example). With the help of light therapy, everything is going more smoothly in our body.
  4. Improve concentration. When you sleep poorly or lack light stimulation, your brain goes into forced hibernation. As a result, you are less focused and less productive.
  5. Counter seasonal depression. Light therapy helps prevent the imbalance of neurotransmitters that can cause depressive moods and becomes, in a way, a natural antidepressant.

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