Stabilizes the wrist and forearm

A cast alternative

In most cases, wrist orthosis is used to heal a fracture and gradually resume activity after an injury.

Rehabilitation with many benefits

The orthosis is directly moulded onto the client, allowing for precise fitting. Additionally, it is lighter, more hygienic, and less cumbersome than a cast. Under your doctor's recommendations, the orthosis can be removed several times during the day to allow for the performance of specific exercises. Its numerous advantages have a significant impact on your rehabilitation.


During the moulding process, swelling may occur, so we provide ongoing monitoring of your condition. We work with quality products that meet your morphology for the entire duration of wear.



The moulded wrist orthosis is often used to heal a fracture and relieve pain in the upper limb subjected to daily stresses.

For which diagnosis(es)?

Wrist or forearm fracture

De Quervain's tendinitis

Carpal tunnel syndrome

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