3D Technology

We use the latest advances in 3D acquisition technology and 3D printing. Our team of orthotists and designers will make the best orthosis for your condition.

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Comfortable and light

The materials used by O3D allow our specialists to create particularly light orthotics. For specific results, we also have control over all mechanical aspects of the orthosis. The device is light, comfortable, functional and perfectly meets your doctor's requirements.

An orthosis that moves with you

The human body is a living structure that moves and breathes. Your orthotic must do the same! O3D has developed an approach that allows your orthotist to design an orthosis that controls the movements of the affected joint, but also avoids hindering natural body movement. This technical, precise and scientific innovation is now possible due to advanced designs of O3D orthoses.

Like a second skin

To be effective, an orthosis needs to be adjusted carefully and accurately. At EVO, our team of orthotists uses 3D scanners to measure and integrate the parameters of your morphology to a technical molding necessary for the manufacture of orthoses. This process ensures a perfect fit so your orthosis becomes an integral part of your body.

The diagnosis

O3D orthoses can perform a wide range of diagnostics. Whether it is to relieve osteoarthritic knee pain or to reduce numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, we have a unique solution to offer.

Diagnostic pathways

Ligament Tear (ACL)

Cubital neuropathy

Osteoarthritis of the knee

De Quervain Tendinitis

Hyper extension of the elbow

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)

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