Eye for detail

The key to successful plantar orthotics involves three important elements: a complete biomechanical assessment, a wide range of quality materials and monitoring.

Biomechanical evaluation: the key to success!

The design of plantar orthotics begins with a complete three-part biomechanical evaluation. Our orthotists evaluate your posture, the condition of your feet, your ankles and also your gait. Once the data and observations have been corrected, we proceed to mould your feet. We are then able to design a pair of perfectly adapted foot orthotics that will get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Multi-layer approach

Our orthotics are composed of a variety of materials with properties specific to your condition. We can then adjust the mechanical characteristics of each of the orthoses we produce. Whether absorbing ground impacts or correcting ankle alignment, we have the ideal equipment to meet your needs. Our European technology materials offer durability and comfort throughout the life of your orthotics.

The importance of monitoring

Once the orthotist has adjusted your orthotic, an adjustment period of approximately four weeks will be required. You will then be invited back to the clinic so that the orthotist confirms your comfort, analyzes the results, and the general condition of the orthosis. If necessary, the orthotist will adjust or modify certain settings to ensure that your orthosis is effective and appreciated.

The diagnosis

The foot is an extremely stressed limb, which is why a multitude of problems can arise. Our team of orthotists is able to treat most of them with a personalized approach and an assembly of materials adapted to your condition.

Associated diseases

Flat foot or hollow foot

Plantar fasciitis or Lenoir's Thorn

Morton's neuroma

Inequality of the lower limbs

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Diabetic foot

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