Stabilizes the ankle and foot

A cast alternative

Sometimes, a walking boot can be an alternative to a cast. Walking boots often treat injuries such as ankle sprains, ankle fractures, and ankle strains. They provide additional support and stability to the affected area while allowing some mobility, which can help speed up recovery.


It is important to note that Aircast walking boots are unsuitable for all injuries, and a physician should approve their use to ensure their safety and effectiveness.


Aircast walking boots offer several benefits for people suffering from a foot or ankle injury:

Pain relief

It helps relieve pain by providing additional support and stability to the affected are

Reduced swelling

It often includes integrated compression systems to help reduce swelling in the affected area.

Support and stability

It offers excellent stability and increased support for the ankle and foot, which can help prevent further injuries.

Increased mobility

It allows users to walk and move more efficiently, which can help speed up recovery.


It is often designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods, which can help relieve pain and discomfort.



The walking boot is an orthosis increasingly used as an alternative to casts for fractures, severe sprains, and ligament tears of the lower limbs, such as the foot and leg.

For which diagnosis(es)?

Ankle fracture

Foot fracture

Severe ankle sprains

Ligament tear

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