Knee Brace


What is the proper positioning of the knee brace?

In order to ensure that the brace successfully accomplishes it’s functions, it is important to position the brace on the correct areas of the leg. Here are the steps for proper wearing of our O3D knee brace:

  1. Position yourself at the edge of a chair ensuring that the knee is slightly bent.
  2. Position the knee brace on your leg ensuring that the
    internal cushioning doesn’t bend over, align the center of the hinges of the brace to the center of the knee**/li>


** The center articulation of your knee is located approximately 2cm above the tibia. Consequently, at the height central of the patella. In depth, you must find the articulations halfway through the knee, without including the patella.

It is essential to correctly align your brace as this ensures
your comfort as well as reduces any risks of the brace gliding.

Order of the belts

The first belt to be installed is the one located beneath the knee (with the BOA). This belt is the most important of all, as it does the same work as the anterior cruciate ligament and it allows suspension of the brace.
The second belt to adjust is the one above the knee, as it allows a light suspension of the brace.
Following the above steps, attach the two remaining straps located at each extremity of the brace (straps 3 and 4), ensuring not to over-tighten them as this can compromise the muscles located within theses areas.
The O3D knee brace is custom made to be worn directly on the skin. If this becomes uncomfortable or if you experience any skin irritations, it is possible to purchase a fabric made sleeve to wear under the knee brace. These can be purchased at our clinic.


The inside are removable which makes it easy to hand-wash. It is important to not soak the coverings and air dry only. It is also possible to clean the inside of the brace with a soft-bristle brush.
Take note, that harder bristles can potentially cause damage.


If the brace glides, causes pressure points (redness) and/or causes discomfort while walking, it is important to communicate with us via telephone in order to schedule a follow-up appointment to make any required adjustments.

Please be advised that the RAMQ permits the reconditioning of your brace every 6 months. This service consists of the replacement of the supple portion of the brace and includes the rigid portion of the frame. Take note, that if we haven’t contacted you within 6 months for a refurbishment, you can contact us at anytime to book an appointment with one of our certified orthosis’s during clinic hours.


Our team remains available for any questions or concerns, should need be.

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