Improves balance and autonomy and allows for a smooth gait.

Biomechanical evaluation

The design of an AFO begins with a comprehensive biomechanical evaluation. Our orthotists observe your posture and walking pattern. Then, our team proceeds with a moulding process to manufacture your custom-made AFO. We offer several years of experience to improve your gait.

Manufactured in-house in our laboratory

Thanks to our expertise in custom-made manufacturing, we create your AFO right here in our laboratory. This allows us to offer personalized and tailored AFOs that meet your needs.

Our follow-up after delivery

After the AFO is delivered, a 3-week adaptation period is required. After this period, your orthotist will see you again to ensure your comfort, review the results achieved so far, and assess the general condition of the AFO. If necessary, the orthotist can make some adjustments to maximize your comfort. Our comprehensive care allows us to achieve the best results.



The ankle-foot orthosis is a custom-made plastic orthosis that controls various foot and ankle pathologies.

For which diagnosis(es)?

Drop foot

Ankle arthritis

Significant ankle deviation/deformation

Posterior tibial insufficiency

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