The ski season is now in full swing and we couldn’t be happier! After months of lockdowns without being able to fully enjoy your favorite winter activities, it’s time to put on your skis again! Snow sports are one of the most intense sports, but unfortunately, an injury can happen.

There are nearly 140,000 accidents each season, 30% of which affect the knees. So, when the slopes open, you must be careful. Are you planning to hit the slopes in the next few weeks and want to take every chance to practice your sport safely?

EVO gives you 3 good reasons to wear a ski brace and avoid injuries. First of all, orthosis meets a need for protection, where we look for a high to very high level of support. You can wear a knee brace, wrist brace, foot brace, etc. In short, there is an orthosis for every part of the body. Orthotics are particularly recommended for skiers who have a good level of skiing and whose joints are often stressed by their intense practice. However, it is also suitable for people with weaknesses (knees, wrists, etc.).

Wear a ski brace as a preventative measure to improve your performance.

Don’t wait for an injury to occur before wearing an orthosis. Many skiers wear an orthosis as a preventive measure to minimize the impact on the body during practice. For example, downhill or freestyle skiing requires constant knee flexion, which in the long run can lead to trauma (even more so during long descents or falls). In this case, a knee brace is a good idea to stabilize the knee and keep it in place. This way, you reduce the risk of strains, fractures and sprains.

Do your feet hurt in your ski boots, do you want to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance on the slopes? Foot orthotics are your best alternative. They are placed inside your boots and their purpose is to reduce the stress that skiing imposes on your feet, while improving your comfort. With foot orthotics, you improve your performance, since you opt for a good base of support at the foot level, thus, you will be faster during your changes of direction.

Plus, they keep your ankles at the most optimal angle so you can use all your joints in your turns. Do you prefer snowboarding? Wearing a wrist brace is also a good idea!

Pain following an injury

Have you suffered an ACL tear or any other ligament injury in your knee? Don’t give up your favorite sport! However, be careful not to re-injure yourself, as this could cause irreversible damage. Following a ligament injury, a knee brace is often recommended during your most intense activities in order to stabilize your knee as much as possible when it is under greater strain.

The orthosis is made of rigid materials and not of elastic tissues, to offer a better ligament support. Equipping yourself with a ligament orthosis will be a precious help by ensuring all the support and comfort necessary for a safe practice. At the EVO laboratory we specialize in all types of orthotics specific to each injury. They provide all the support and comfort necessary for a safe practice. Of course, re-education and muscular reinforcement are greatly needed before resuming your activity.

Pain and daily activities

Orthotics are not just for sports. On a daily basis, these high quality orthopedic devices relieve joint pain, without hindering the slightest movement. Among seniors, osteoarthritis is a fairly common pathology and in most cases, the pain limits your number of runs. If this is your situation, the knee brace is your solution.

With its reinforced support all day long, in addition to improving its alignment with the rest of the body, it will allow you a maximum of descents. Next, let’s talk about foot orthotics: their primary purpose is to compensate for certain biomechanical deficiencies of the foot. Worn daily in your boots, or in your ski boots, the foot orthotics relieve your pain and distribute the pressure. It is therefore a highly recommended orthopedic device in your daily life.

Call on EVO for your orthosis

Are you planning a ski trip in the next few weeks and want to leave with peace of mind? EVO Laboratory, in Montreal and in the Eastern Townships, designs custom-made orthotics that provide effective support for fluid mobility. The models can be either standard or 3D, for a second skin sensation.

The diagnosis is our starting point before choosing your orthosis: we must be sure of the pathology from which you suffer, before starting any protocol. In addition, it is important to have a prescription from your doctor beforehand. By knowing exactly what problem you have, your orthotist will be able to offer you the best device.

What you should know about the different options of an orthosis for skiing: The orthosis is the safest way to go on your next winter vacation. It is not only for people recovering from injuries, on the contrary!

By using an orthosis for prevention or performance, you relieve your joints and prevent ligament damage, pain and increase your performance. To benefit from the best orthopedic equipment, trust EVO Laboratory, a specialist in custom orthotics in Montreal and the Eastern Townships. Good luck on the slopes!