Venous diseases, such as varicose veins, affect many men and women in North America. These pathologies are linked to deficient blood circulation in the veins of the lower limbs, leading to symptoms such as pain, heavy legs and skin problems. Venous insufficiency is a chronic condition that requires appropriate treatment, notably through compression therapy and the use of compression socks.

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Types of venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency can take many forms, from small superficial spider veins to deep thrombosis, dilated veins and venous stasis. Leg pain is often the first symptom to appear, but it's important to stress that pain is not always present. Varicose veins visible under the skin are also a sign of the disease.

Truncal varicose veins

One of the veins most affected by venous insufficiency is the great saphenous vein. Blood reflux in this vein can lead to symptoms such as muscle pain, inflammation and itching accompanied by eczema.


The treatment of venous insufficiency relies primarily on compression therapy. This involves daily wear of well-fitting compression socks, which have evolved considerably in terms of comfort and aesthetic appeal. This compression helps relieve symptoms and improve blood circulation. In some cases, varicose vein surgery may be recommended. There are two types of surgery: sclerotherapy and surgical ligation. After surgery, compression socks are generally recommended to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Compression socks

Compression socks offer significant relief for people suffering from venous insufficiency. By exerting gradual pressure along the legs, these socks promote better venous return, reducing symptoms such as heavy legs, swelling and varicose veins. By improving blood circulation, they help alleviate daily discomfort and prevent the condition from worsening.

What are the causes of venous insufficiency?

Poor blood circulation

Dysfunction of venous valves

Venous stasis

Dilatation of vein walls



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